• Cyber security in Switzerland

    Regular studies to examine and monitor the behavior of Swiss SMEs, their employees and the population in the area of cyber security.

  • Current SME study 2023

    When it comes to cyber security, 80% of all Swiss SMEs rely on the expertise of external IT service providers.

    Half blindly trust their IT service providers without knowing their security certification

    A CyberSeal seal of approval for IT service providers provides the relevant proof of quality
    SME Study (German only)

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  • Security on the internet and online shopping

    A broader social understanding of cyber security is necessary in order to be better armed against cyber attacks. 

    Employers can positively influence the cyber security behavior of their employees.

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    Online Shopping


rely on the know-how of their IT service providers when it comes to cyber security


of which blindly trust these IT service providers without knowing their security certification


of the population almost always or always use the same password


of the population shop online once a month


of the population have been scammed on online platforms in the last 5 years